Shoreline Armor Reduction
Program (SHARP)

  • Community Engagement

Northwest Straits Foundation has adopted a strategic goal to reduce shoreline armoring in the Northwest Straits of the Salish Sea.

Shoreline bulkheads, seawalls and other types of armor are significant stressors on the Puget Sound nearshore ecosystem. Shoreline armor changes composition of beaches and coastal habitats, alters coastal ecology, and reduces the resilience of the coast to rising sea levels. Approximately 27% of the region’s shoreline is modified with some type of armor. Reducing shoreline armoring is vital to restoring the health of the Northwest Straits ecosystem.

The Foundation’s SHARP program (Shoreline Armor Reduction Program) offers incentives and services to shoreline landowners, especially those concerned with erosion on their shoreline properties. Learn more about the free workshops, site visits, professional and technical assistance available through this program.