Northwest Straits Initiative has adopted a strategic goal to reduce shoreline armoring in the Northwest Straits of the Salish Sea.

Please watch the below video for a brief and effective explanation of the unintended damage armoring can have on our shorelines.

Video courtesy of Island County Department of Natural Resources.

Shoreline erosion can be a challenge, but it is a natural process

Shoreline bulkheads, seawalls and other types of armor are significant stressors on the Puget Sound nearshore ecosystem. Shoreline armor changes composition of beaches and coastal habitats, alters coastal ecology, and reduces the resilience of the coast to rising sea levels. Approximately 27% of the region’s shoreline and 48% of residential shoreline parcels is modified with some type of armor. Reducing shoreline armoring is vital to restoring the health of the Northwest Straits ecosystem.

Shoreline landowners hold a unique connection to the Salish Sea…
You are also deeply invested in your property.

The Foundation’s Shore Friendly program (Shoreline Armor Reduction Program) offers incentives and services to shoreline landowners, especially those concerned with erosion on their shoreline properties. Funding for this program is supported by the Washington State Departments of Fish and Wildlife and Natural Resources through a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Contact us or click on the links below to learn more about the free workshops, site visits, professional and technical assistance available through this voluntary program.

‘Living with the Coast’ Shoreline Landowner Workshops

Learn how to live with the coast, and its natural processes and habitats while protecting your investment in your property. 

Workshop topics include:

  • Coastal and beach processes
  • How to manage beach and bluff erosion
  • Alternatives to hard shoreline armoring
  • Benefits of bulkhead removal or reduction
  • Native vegetation and proper drainage management for slope stability and habitat

Shoreline Property Coastal Assessments

Click here for details on how to receive the technical support and resources to make informed, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly decisions about shoreline management. FREE coastal erosion site assessments are available to qualified shoreline property owners.

Engineering Design and Permitting Assistance

If a shoreline property coastal assessment indicates that your bulkhead can be removed or replaced with natural soft-shore protection, you may be eligible for design and permitting assistance. Some cost-share may be required. Click here for more information.

Watch this video produced for the Shore Friendly Kitsap program to learn more about using a Shore Friendly approach:

Shore Friendly Kitsap Video