Salish Sea Conservation Corps

Preparing the next generation of marine conservationists.

The Salish Sea Conservation Corps is a service-learning internship program for college students applying their academic studies in marine conservation projects. The goal of the SSCC school-year program is to support marine conservation students wanting to apply their academic studies in hands-on field projects and gain appropriate career experience. They develop marine restoration and stewardship skills, participate in classes, lectures and presentations, and build their resume in support of career interests. The Foundation provides member support in seasonal job applications and placement.

Program Details

SSCC members are part of the Northwest Straits marine conservation community. Enrolling in the SSCC school year program introduces members to a professional network of scientists, managers, academics and field staff working to restore and sustain the Salish Sea. This is an immersive experience that opens doors for undergraduate and graduate students to the marine conservation field. Members are required to participate in one training, lecture or project per month. There are additional opportunities for those willing to jump in.

Member Benefits

NWSF staff work with members to develop a service-learning plan for the program. This is grounded in a student’s academic studies, what they want to learn, credit they can earn, and opportunities within NWSF and our community. Each member is paired with a mentor to provide professional counsel, advice and support during the program.

SSCC members receive a monthly scholarship toward educational expenses.


Members are paired with a mentor from the marine conservation community for the program. The role of mentors is to provide members with an advisor who supports their journey in the marine conservation from classroom to career. Mentors support work-skills development, career counseling, and networking opportunities.

Service Projects

Members have opportunities to get outdoors and participate in projects such as nearshore habitat restoration, shoreline naturalization, forage fish monitoring and public education. They are designed to teach field skills, support academic studies, and promote professional growth and development. 

Presentations and Trainings

Presentations and trainings are an important part of the SSCC program. Members have opportunities to participate in monthly sessions for developing their skills for the marine conservation workforce.


Join the Salish Sea Conservation Corps and embark on an extraordinary adventure dedicated to the preservation and restoration of our precious marine resources. Whether you aspire to become a marine biologist, an environmental advocate, or simply want to make a difference, our program will empower you to create positive change.

Applications will be accepted in September 2023 for the 23/24 school year.


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