Salish Sentinels


As a Salish Sentinel with the Northwest Straits Foundation, we’ll keep you connected and informed with opportunities for stewardship and adventure. You can feel confident that you’re doing your part. 

Salish Sentinels are committed to a healthy Salish Sea. Sentinels believe everyone benefits from a coastal environment with abundant marine life, clean water and opportunities to explore and have fun. 

We invite you, your family and friends to become Salish Sentinels.

Join us. It doesn’t take much – volunteer your time, donate to support a restoration project, participate in an educational program and make choices that are “Salish Sea Friendly.”

Salish Sentinels…


  • Preserve the integrity of our healthy marine ecosystem
  • Celebrate the ethnic and cultural diversity of our communities
  • Appreciate the abundance of local seafood
  • Embrace the recreational and educational benefits of local waters
  • Keep watch over the Salish Sea


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