Shore Friendly – Landowner Outreach

Shoreline erosion can be a challenge, but it’s a natural process. The Northwest Straits Foundation has many resources to assist shoreline landowners in making decisions about how to maintain and protect their property. Our Shore Friendly Landowner Outreach program can help you assess your shoreline property today.

The program features free workshops, site assessments, bulkhead and shoreline armor removal assistance and more. At our workshops, learn how to manage your landscape for slope stability and wildlife habitat, and how planting native vegetation can help manage erosion and drainage on shoreline properties.

There are many benefits to bulkhead removal. So, what are you waiting for? Get your property assessed today.

linear feet restored

Removal of Bulkheads

Removal of Bulkheads will:

  • Easier access to the beach. You no longer must climb over unstable riprap or jump off a wall to get to the beach.
  • More beach will be available at higher tides.
  • Natural shorelines enhance the beauty of your property.
  • Increased habitat for forage fish.
  • Increased habitat for other marine and upland organisms.


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